Purchasing or leasing new equipment before the New Year?

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Give us an opportunity to obtain funding for your requirement


Are you having difficulty locating a funding source to for your future transportation needs?

Have you been trying to make your equipment last 'one' more month, 'one' more year. Have you been putting off the inevitable?

Is your equipment now costing you more or as much to repair and keep on the road than a monthly payment for new equipment?

It may be time to upgrade your equipment! It is tough enough these days to keep your business going and growing. We understand that. Colonial Equipment is a full service facility that prides itself on providing transportation solutions for our diverse clientele. We will do everything to fit you with the right type of vehicle, and will also provide you with an easy funding solution to fit within your budget too!

Need some tips on financing, more information is available here.

For more information, please fill out our short Contact Form. Tell us what, we can do to help meet your needs. Credit availability is always subject to the approval process. Fill out our Credit Application and fax it to: Finance Department, Attention: Ken Sanchez at 301.865.2431 or scan it and e-mail to our Finance Department