Come on by and check out our new facility

Facility Tour

30,000 sq ft facility in Monrovia Maryland

Facility Tour

As you drive down Intercoastal Drive the first thing you might notice is the large lot of buses on the left hand side of the road and immediately behind them a large two story brick building. Welcome to Colonial. If you have come to look over our inventory, attend training, purchase parts or discuss a purchase please park in the lot out front of the building. If you are bringing a bus in for service please enter the first driveway pull through the gate, and make an immediate right. This will bring you to our drive through service lane.

If you parked out front you will enter our facility through the front entrance. Most likely Laura will be at the reception desk to greet you. If you are here to discuss a purchase you will meet with your sales representative in our conference room to your left. If you are her to view our inventory your sales representative will escort you out to the lot. If attending training you will head upstairs where the executive office and our two large training rooms are situated on either side of the building. If purchasing parts you will be directed through the double doors at the rear of the building and across the service lane. You will find the Parts Department through the glass door just past the customer lounge on your right.

When entering through the service lane you will notice an office to the left. Roxanne our Service Writer will come out to greet you and get your service started. If waiting for your vehicle you will be directed to enter our comfortable lounge area through the glass door. We provide satellite TV and drinking fountain as well as restroom facilities while you wait. The Cashier is located directly across from the Parts Department. If you have an employee escort you can enter our large service area. We have a 15 bay service area with technicians certified on a wide range of products.